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Butterfly Glide Leather iPhone Flip Case

Butterfly Glide Leather iPhone Flip Case

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5 reasons why you will ❤️️ it:

🎁 Luxurious and elegant!

Highlight your business-like image with this top-notch fashionable accessory.

💍 Sophisticated look: Premium genuine leather is a natural, soft material that will always remain fashionable. The sign of luxury, elegance, and chic, it will highlight your prominent and business-look style.

🧷️ Safety: Natural protectors, leather case covers are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe to use.

🛡️ Protection: Sleek and lightweight, leather case covers are puncture-proof and dust-resistant. Fitting snugly onto a phone, they give superior protection to most of the phone surface in daily use. They are also resistant to water drops and splashes, so you can use them in wet conditions. After drying, they retain elasticity and shape.

👌 Convenience: Leather gives the top-grade hand feeling, and is slip-proof. Due to its flexibility and softness, these covers are easy to put in and take out. You can get free access to the charging port through the precise cutout without removing the leather case. Wireless charging is also available. Some case covers have compartments to store money and cards, making them even more convenient.