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Angry Shark Silicone IPhone Case

Angry Shark Silicone IPhone Case

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🤗5 reasons why you will ❤️️ it:

🦈 A large, cute fish for your gadget defense!

Nothing can scare off a brave person like you! Even angry shark's sharp teeth!

🛡️ PROTECTION: Silicone is the most durable material, waterproof, and heat-resistant. You can be sure water drops will cause no harm to your gadget. It fits tightly onto a phone, leaving no chance for tiny debris to get under it and protecting it from scratches, dents, and nicks. Flexible and slim silicone cases protect the whole phone. It is an ideal choice for taking on holiday to hotter countries.

🦍 DURABILITY: Silicone case covers are long-lasting, resistant to punctures, tears, and similar damages. Washable and dustproof, they are easy to clean from oil, sweat, or dirt. 

🌠 CONVENIENCE: Highly flexible silicone has a pleasant soft-touch coating, which gives a sturdy grip. Your gadget will not slip out of your hands, and when accidentally dropped, it will not get damaged as silicone is shockproof. The covers are convenient to put on and remove. Easy access to the charging port and wireless charging is available.

💍 ATTRACTIVE LOOK: A wide range of styles and designs and numerous colors let you choose a cover to suit any environment, from a business meeting to a night club.