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5 Useful Airpods Pro Tips You Might Not Know About

Posted by Kristina Radovic on

Ever since they got released, AirPods Pro have revolutionized the earphones market. Even though they were not the first wireless earbuds, Apple´s most successful accessory was definitely the first bought massively.


In total, around 111 million of all three generations of AirPods have been sold until 2020, while it is projected that around 85 million AirPods Pro will be sold till the end of the year, making up to 60% of the global wireless headphone market.


Apple has once again done its job in benchmarking and produced another symbolic product.


So what can you get out of your AirPods Pro?


Well, besides an amazing audio experience and freedom of movement, AirPods Pro are very easy to use, once you get acquainted with all of its features. 


With the new noise cancellation, water resistance, and a better fit, AirPods Pro are designed to suit everyone´s needs. Include a nicely designed protective case and you have the ultimate accessory in your pocket.


But you should dedicate some time to exploring the fatures your AirPods Pro


Even if you had them for a while, you might not know everything about them. Sometimes we are just not aware of everything our devices have to offer.


So here are X tips you might not have known about to make the use of your AirPods Pro more efficient.

  1. Checking the battery life

Since AirPods Pro offer 4, 5 hours of audio and even less talking time, it´s necessary to check from time to time how much battery they have left. You can do that simply by opening the case with AirPods inside next to your iPhone or iPad which will show the charge level of each AirPod and the case.


You can also do this with your Apple Watch or just by asking Siri.

  1. Checking the charge status

You probably already know that AirPods Pro can charge wirelessly only using a Qi-certified mat. All you have to do is place the case on it with the small light upwards.


Since the light turns off after some time you can tap on the case to check how much it charged – green means fully charged, amber means still charging.

  1. Take out the AirPods the right way

If you are struggling with taking the AirPods Pro out of the case you probably don´t know about this trick – just gently push the back of the AirPods to easily swivel it right between your fingers.


Photo by Shawnn Tan on Unsplash

  1. Use noise cancellation on only one earbud

You probably know about the new feature that makes listening to music much more enjoyable. Noise cancellation can be enabled by pressing and holding the stem of your AirPod or on your iPhone/iPod or via Apple Watch.


If you like talking using just one AirPod, you can activate noise cancellation only on one earbud in the Accessibility/AirPods under Settings.

  1. Share your audio with a friend´s AirPods

If you like sharing the music you´re listening to with a friend or a loved one while running, watching a movie, traveling, etc., you can easily do it in your phone´s Control Center playback controls.


Just tap on the AirDrop symbol, open your friend´s case with its AirPods inside. A prompt on your screen will offer an option to Share Audio with the second pair of AirPods, so you can both enjoy the music.

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