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The Most Efficient Ways of Protecting your AirPods Pro from Any Damage

Posted by Kristina Radovic on

As an owner of AirPods Pro your probably already know how fragile they are.

Being lightweight and wireless they allow for more freedom of movement and make it feel like you have nothing in your ears. That, amongst other things is what made it the most sold earbud in history.

But that is also what makes them easier to drop, scratch, lose, etc. And when you pay $249 for earphones, you don´t want to part ways with them, as long as possible. So every AirPods Pro owner has to be even more careful and do everything that is up to them to prevent that from happening.


So what can a regular AirPods owner do?


Well, there are several things. Some require just using common sense and being responsible, while others imply buying additional accessories for your accessory.

Luckily, talented individuals have seized this opportunity to invent useful accessories and make them fun and pretty. So not only will you protect your precious AirPods Pro and their charging case, you can look fabulous at the same time!


Dress up your AirPods!


A bonus feature of having an electronic device, or rather a phone, tablet, lap top, etc. is getting to pick the right outfit for it. You can do the same for your AirPods Pro charging case.

The choice of AirPods Pro protective cases is enormous! Apart from the protective feature, they can make you look fashionable and add some fun into your everyday.

Protective cases are usually pretty cheap and come in many shapes, forms, and colors.  You can choose more than one and change them according to your current mood or outfit.

For ultimate protection there are silicone cases which come in various shades, for those looking for simplicity. For all of you elegant folks, leather cases are the best choice, providing durability with a fabulous style.

The most popular are probably protective cases in shapes of cartoon characters, food, drinks, various items, etc. Here you can really let your imagination run wild and express your personality.


Find them a home


If you think about it, the charging case can be thought of as the AirPods´ home. But what is the home of the charging case? Well you can provide them with one in form of a storage case. If you´re a frequent traveler this is a must-have because that´s when the chances of damaging your AirPods Pro are the highest.

There is a huge choice of AirPods storage cases in which you can also place their charger, cables, and any other additional accessories.


Stop the drop


Even if your AirPods Pro have a protective case, if you keep dropping them, they will suffer from dents and nicks, leading to more serious damages.

So there are several ways to avoid this.


A strap


Acknowledging that the main reason why AirPods fall so easily is that they´re wireless, someone invented an AirPod strap. Usually made out of silicone and wore around the neck, this flexible strap will keep your AirPods in place and close at hand.

Even though it defies the original AirPods purpose, a strap is very helpful because you no longer need to place your AirPods on a nearby surface or your pockets whenever you take them out.


Ear hooks


What worse outcome can you imagine for your AirPods than from falling on the ground and being stepped on and crushed? If you find the strap annoying, the ear hooks can be the perfect accessory for you.

Wrapped around your ears and made out of silicone, they´re comfortable and easy to use, while some manufacturers claim that they can even help you hear the audio better.


The options are numerous


As you can see, there are many ways and many products designed specifically to prevent any damage to your AirPods Pro. It is up to you to check them all out and choose the perfect one for you.

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