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Taking Care of Your AirPods Pro – Prevention and Cleaning

Posted by Kristina Radovic on

For most people, setting aside $249 is a pretty big deal. Especially for an accessory. Some save money for quite some time to be able to afford the newest version of the AirPods.


We can debate whether they are actually worth it, but the reality is that AirPods Pro are the most successful Apple product in history, with more than 100 million units sold since 2016 to this day.


At first surprising and even ridiculed, AirPods Pro have become the must-have accessory for every Apple fan, gadget junkie, and even fashionistas. No one notices anymore those silly little stems coming out of our ears, we all got used to it.


If you like them, make them last


No matter if $259 didn´t make a dent in your wallet or if it took you months of setting money aside to get a hold of the 3rd gen of AirPods, no one wants to part ways with them. Especially not soon.


Being an AirPods Pro owner does require some dose of responsibility because they require proper care and attention so they would last as long as possible.


The fact they are lightweight and wireless is what makes them so special, amongst other things. But that also makes them fragile and susceptible to damage, getting lost easily, falling out, etc.


So what can you do?


There are 2 most important steps you can take to protect your AirPods Pro.




Prevention is the key!


That´s why protective cases are mandatory, so your favorite accessory won’t suffer from dents, scratches, nicks, dust, dirt, etc.


These ˝outfits˝ for your charging case come in all colors, shapes, and forms, usually pretty cheaply, so you can choose one or more cases to match your mood and express your fashion sense.


Remember to always keep your AirPods in their charging case whenever you´re not using them – make a habit of it!




Next to the charging case, each of your AirPods also requires special care, even more so.


The AirPods Pro come with a new in-ear design. These flexible tips which come in 3 sizes made out of silicone fit tightly into your ear, so noise cancellation can be enabled. This means they are bound to get dirtier than any other earphone.


If you´re wearing your AirPods Pro every day, earwax together with dust, dirt, lint, etc. will pile on it. Not only it looks gross and is unhygienic, but it can also be dangerous if bacteria find their way to it. So as the responsible owner you are, you have to keep these in-ear tips clean at all times.

If the ear tips have accumulated water, tap them on a soft, dry cloth to let it out. The good thing is that these tips can be taken off and rinsed only with water, without any cleaning substance. They should be completely dried with a soft, dry cloth before putting them back on the AirPods.


When it comes to the AirPods themselves, never run them under water! Even if they are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Use only a soft cloth, maybe dampened with fresh water to clean them but make sure they are completely dry before returning them to their charging case.


To clean the microphone and the speaker meshes, use a cotton swab. If there is any debris, you can optionally use a soft brush. Above all, pay attention not to allow any liquid to reach the openings.


The more responsible you are the longer will your AirPods last


This is the bottom line. If you take necessary precautions to prevent any possible damage and maintain them by cleaning them regularly, you don´t need to worry.


Your AirPods Pro will stay with you as long as their lifespan allows.

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