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How to Properly Charge Your AirPods Pro

Posted by Kristina Radovic on

Not being the cheapest wireless headphones on the market ($259), purchasing AirPods Pro usually takes some careful consideration. If you have decided to join the hype and millions of owners of Apple´s most successful accessory ever, then congratulations! You can now enjoy amazing sound quality with numerous additional features (noise-cancellation, water resistance, etc.).

Wireless have its advantages like not having to untangle your headphones every time you take them out of your bag, not being restricted in movement, no need to have your phone on you at all times… But there are some disadvantages as well – they work on batteries which have to be charged in order to work.

 When it comes to battery life, your AirPods could serve you for 4.5 hours continuously (with one charge) or 5 hours with Active Noise Cancellation turned off if you only listen to audio, while for phone use up to 3 hours. In total, you can use your AirPods for 24 hours with multiple charging. But do you know how your AirPods Pro are charged?

They have their own charging case

That´s right, your AirPods Pro come with a charging case providing multiple charges, which is very convenient if you are out and about the whole day, especially while traveling. So whenever you are not using your AirPods, just put them in their case so you will have a full battery at all times. And to make sure nothing happens to your case, you can purchase an accessory for your accessory – cute AirPods protective cases.

But the charging case is not infinite.

You need to charge the charging case too

There are two ways to do this – wirelessly and using a wired connection.

If you want to keep the wireless style?

 Then you can use a charging mat that is Qi-certified. Qi-certified means it passed rigorous testing to ensure a reliable and safe charging experience. Just place the case with the lid closed and the status light facing up on the mat. Remember to remove any decorative or protective case prior.

 To check the status of your charge, just tap the case. If it glows amber it means it´s still charging, if it´s green then it´s fully charged and you´re ready for some great music.

And if you want to go old school and stay wired?

Then you can just use the Lightning cable that comes with your AirPods Pro by plugging one side into the Lightning connector on the case and the other into a USB port or a charger. It can be both Lightning to USB and to USB-C cable. Keep in mind, if you use Apple products to charge your AirPods case (iPhone or iPad USB charger, or Mac), it will charge the fastest.

How long until you can take your AirPods with you again?

Thanks to the AirPods Pro H1 chip, you will get 1 hour of battery life in just 5 minutes! So it takes around half an hour to have them charged 100% and ready. With such fast charging time, it makes it no hassle at all.

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