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How to Never Lose Your AirPods

Posted by Kristina Radovic on

Every AirPods Pro owner´s worst nightmare is probably to lose their precious accessory. Which is understandable, considering their price (the staggering $259). The wireless feature provides freedom but at the same time the possibility to lose them increases.  

You can easily protect your AirPods from any damage like scratches, dents, and nicks from drops or bumps. All you need to do is buy a protective silicone or leather AirPods case. They come in all colors, shapes, and forms, allowing for the expression of creativity and personality.

Unless you can afford to buy a new pair every so often, how can you make sure to never lose your AirPods Pro?


First and foremost, use common sense

When you buy something valuable no matter how easily replaceable, you got to be responsible. That means whenever you bring your AirPods with you outside when you leave a place make sure you have checked that you have not left them behind.


Make a habit of it

Remember to always put back your AirPods into their charging case, when you´re finished talking or listening to music. You will both charge them and make sure they´re safe at the same time.

Have a designated place where you keep them. When you´re outside, a pocket in your bag or jacket. At home, leave them in the same dish at the front door or in a drawer.


Set up Find My

If you´re an iPhone user, then you know that if you lose or misplace your phone you should use the Find My iPhone app. The same goes for your AirPods. If this option is set up already, then it is enabled for your AirPods automatically. 

They can play a sound or have their location shown on a map. If they´re out of battery or out of range, you can see the location they were last connected.

And if your AirPods are lost separately?

Only one location per AirPods can be shown. To find the first AirPod, put it back into the case, and then the location of the other one will pop up.


Get some help

With nothing to hold them, no matter how careful you are, it might happen that one or both of your AirPods fall off and disappear. To prevent that there are some accessories for your favorite accessory which can prevent that.

Ear hooks

To keep them firmly in place you can use ear hooks, specially designed with a silicone tip to wrap around your ears, therefore minimizing the chances of losing them.


Even though this accessory defies the purpose of the wireless feature, you would rather keep your AirPods safe than risk losing them, right? So this strap, an elastic cord, acts like the old but evidently safe option of wires. 

It might come in handy when you´re running or when you´re traveling, therefore more likely to lose them.


For those who are old school, a simple case with a carabiner might do the trick. You can place it on your pants, your bag, keychain, etc. This way you will be certain that your AirPods Pro is with you at all times.

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